Clay – Stop

Clay-Stop is a concentrated, non-hazardous, proprietary clay inhibitor that can be used with either polymer or bentonite drilling fluid systems.


  • Greatly reduces clay rings and bit balling
  • Increases returns to the surface
  • Non-hazardous
  • Readily dispersible
  • Reduces pullback pressures
  • Reduces torque


Appearance            Clear to light amber/pale yellow.
Odor.                        Faint amine odor.
Odor threshold.     Threshold not determined.
pH                             6.5-8


Clay-Stop is to be used on any size HDD bore. Using Clay-Stop will greatly reduce or eliminate clay cuttings from sticking to each other and to the drilling tools.



  • ¼ gallon of Clay-Stop treats 500 gallons of water

Recommended Fluid Formulation For Drilling In Clay (per 500 Gal)

  • 2 LBS Soda Ash


Clay-Stop should be added to the drilling fluid system last. For sticky and swelling clays use 0.25 to .5 gallon per 500 gallons (2 to 4 liters/4 m3) depending on water sensitivity of the formation.

For maximum effectiveness, Clay-Stop should be used starting with the pilot hole and all reaming and pullback stages. Clays begin swelling and absorbing water immediately upon contact with water starting with the pilot hole. Clay-Stop will eliminate or greatly reduce this problem.

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