Sand Zan P

Sand Zan P is a premium quality, powdered biopolymer that is used to enhance the carrying capacity of both clay and polymer-based drilling fluids. Sand Zan P is easily dispersible in fresh or brackish water.


  • Can mix easily into pre-hydrated bentonite-based fluids
  • Helps enhance system by increasing the suspension properties of the base drilling fluid with a minimal increase in viscosity
  • Small packaging for ease of handling and reduction of waste


Appearance                                Free-flowing beige powder

Specific gravity                          1.6

Bulk density (lb/ft3 )                45

pH (0.14% or 0.5 lb/bbl)         7.1 – 7.4


Increased gel strength of the drilling fluid for better suspension of the drilled cuttings, coarse sand and gravel. Enhanced carrying capacity for solids suspension at lower viscosity to further ensure flowability on longer length bores and backreams.



  • 3 to 5 pounds of Sand Zan P treats 500 gallons of water
  • Best If Used with Other Velocity Products

Recommended Fluid Formulation sand and cobble (Per 500 Gal)

  • 2 LBS Soda Ash
  • 50 LBS Gel


Sand Zan P can be added to enhance the suspension capability of the fluid. Sand Zan P enhances the wall cake to keep the formation better isolated. Add soda ash at a rate of 1 LBS per 100 gallons to treat water prior to mixing other additives. Soda ash will enhance the yield of your additives.

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