Bore Boost

Bore Boost is a non-foaming Surfactant that water wets the formation which prevents sticking on the dill pipe and bit. It is made for fresh water drilling systems only and should be used in conjunction with other Velocity Energy Services products


  • Reduces the stickiness of clay to ensure the bit stays clean.
  • Excellent surfactant in in water based fluid systems.
  • Coats drill pipe string and produces and creates good flow of cuttings material.
  • Water wets surfaces to help keep bit cool in mud and rocky soil conditions.
  • Softens and conditions hard water to maximize other Velocity Products


Physical State                                Liquid

Appearance                                    Green

Specific Gravity                             1.4

Density (lbs/gal)                           8.51

Solubility in water(%)                  100% Soluble


VSX100 is used to disperse clay and other solids coming into contact with the drilling fluids.  It works by water wetting all surfaces preventing solids from sticking to them. It will not affect fluid loss, filter cake or rheological properties.



  • ½ Gallon Bore Boost Treats 500 Gallons of Water
  • Best when used with Bore Drill and Clay Stop

Recommended Fluid Formulation

  • 2 LBS of soda ash
  • 1 quart of Bore Boost
  • 1 quart of Bore Drill

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