Sand Zan

Sand Zan is a 4.0 lb/gal active, high purity xanthan gum slurry. It is used to design low-solids fluids that have effective carrying and suspending properties. Sand Zan is effective in most water-based fluid applications for rheology modification, solids suspension, and improved hole cleaning.


  • Readily disperses to enable mixing in low shear environments
  • Excellent stability in brines
  • Enhances gel strength and an effective viscosifier
  • Transports Larger cuttings, Gravel and cobble over long bores
  • Strengthens filer cake and improves bore stability
  • Effective over a wide pH range


Appearance                            Tan to light brown slurry

Specific Gravity                     1.04 to 1.08

Density                                    8.67 to 9.01 lbs/gal

pH (1% soln. in water)         6.0 to 8.0

Flash Point                             >230°F (>110°C)

Solubility in Water                Soluble

Active content                        4.0 lbs/gal


Designed to enhance gel strength of the drilling fluid for improved suspension and transporting of drill cuttings, gravel, and cobble on long bores. Sand Zan will perform effectively in fresh or saltwater.



  • 1 Gallon of Sand Zan treats 500 gallons of water

Recommended Fluid Formulation sand and cobble (Per 500 Gal)

  • 50 LBS GEL


Sand Zan can be added to enhance the suspension capability of the fluid. Sand Zan enhances the wall cake to keep the formation better isolated. Add soda ash at a rate of 1 LBS per 100 gallons to treat water prior to mixing other additives. Soda ash will enhance the yield of your additives.

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